The Rise of Ethical Jewelry Trends

Interest in sustainability and going green is an ever growing trend within the world. Personally, I think this probably one of the best trends that we’ve ever seen and I hope that it’s one that will last. Interestingly, the green movement is one that isn’t being restricted to diets, households and businesses – it’s bled into the fashion industry. In fact, it’s done so in a variety of ways.

Today we’re going to look at two of the foremost ways in which people are making more healthy, environmentally friendly and ethical fashion choices in order to prove that you don’t have to sacrifice the earth in order to be stylish. This can be a daunting concept at first, but luckily resources and a wealth of information are easy to find, with a little research.

Conflict Free Diamonds

Conflict free diamonds, according to the most widely-used definition, are diamonds that finance rebel movements against recognized national governments. These diamonds are sometimes referred to as war diamonds, conflict diamonds or converted diamonds, however, they’re more commonly known as blood diamonds. This is because of the immense of bloodshed that goes hand in hand with the mining of these diamonds, as well as the wars that result from it.

As awareness of the blood diamond trade has risen in recent years, so has the amount of consumers who wish to avoid wearing these tainted jewels, as well as the rise of imitation diamond sales like those from Fantasy CZ Jewelry Box. This is where retailers such as Brilliant Earth and even Tiffany come in – they guarantee that customers will be getting diamonds that are 100% ethical and fair trade. This is important, because some ‘conflict free diamonds’ still exist as a result of rape, torture, and child labour.

Dirt Free Gold

An odd name for a jewelry movement, but also an incredibly critical one.

The gold needed to make one ring requires the displacement of around 20 tons of earth; this is then extracted using toxic chemicals. The jewelry industry uses 85% of all newly mined gold. Staggering to think about, isn’t it?

However, there are jewelers such as Ethical Jewels and even the powerhouse Cartier that are fighting against the norm. They’re doing this by utilizing old and broken jewelry, jewelers’ scraps, obsolete computer and mobile phone hardware. They feel that they, and the entirety of the jewelry industry have a responsibility to use these existing resources in order to stop further damage to the environment. They, along with other retailers have taken Oxfam’s ‘No Dirty Gold’ pledge in order to reach this goal.

The slow rise in popularity of ethical and eco friendly jewelry proves that style and fashion don’t have to come at the cost of your morals, ethics or convictions. We can only hope that eco friendly and fair trade jewelry aren’t just a mere trend, but will become the norm. This can’t happen without your help. Help support the environment and your fellow man by only buying ethical accessories. By doing this you won’t only look good – you’ll feel good too.

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